Tuesday, April 11, 2006

THE Cookie

Sunday April 9th

Cookie I made for Boyfriend:
(sporting the infamous Pink Sock and his top secret code name)

In the way of being that which I am (woman) it is imperative that I be capable, not only of baking, but of creating meaningful works of art out of edibles.
So we opened up pre-rolled, pre-Easter-shape-cut, cookie dough packages and baked them for the designated times only to deface them completey with sugar coating and questionable 'art'.

Here is the best cookie ever. I made it for Albert, my Stud. It was all I could do to help sooth the pains of the proximity to Laura he endured that Sunday afternoon.

BTW- He 'et' it.... He 'et' it good.

Ahh, yes...... Cheesecake Factory. After a long day of baking and holding back the urges to strangle one particular host.....
Boyfriend, I and his parentals ended up at the one place we can always count on leaving with pungent breath, The Cheesecake Factory.
Here we are, doing what we do best.

It's amazing how we always find the time to make eachother laugh and smile. I think I'm the luckiest girl alive.
PS- sometimes the stinky part isn't the breath.......
(yes this is my guilty face.....)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

I find-

I find it hard to believe
You next to me
Safe asleep
Less your dreams.
I find each day
You amaze me
With your logical simplicty
Astonishing- riviting
So caught up in the act that
Intermission might kill me
I find it to be
More than anything
That "should-be's" could contain
Please remain
The same
I found and find each day
-A Lesser Grace

Friday, January 20, 2006

Albert-culosis (Yawnis-Perpetuoso)

"Aww...... smile nice. No Yawning, yea..... you on the left........"
"Hey..... wait..... no one told me it's the fun shot"
"There- did you get that one? What?!........ Damn."

Meet Albert. He's the kind of person you meet, then walk away wondering if you dreamt the occurrence entirely. Tall, dark and hansom shell, filled with an intelligent, determined, loving and hilarious creamy center. Delicious.
As you can tell- we have a blast together. He makes me feel like a kid again, everyday things are that much more exciting and vibrant when he's around. He's skilled in the field of mechanics, and currently offers custom fabrication (www.dvdtfab.com) Since he loves his work, you can imagine how well his product is crafted.
After spending the last two weeks getting to know him, we've both determined that we should name his current affliction after him.
Albert-culosis (Yawnis-Perpetuoso) A syndrom in which the affected live thier lives in either a) a continuous yawn; b) one yawn leading directly into the next without reasonable cause or explaination; c) one who goes about living their life in a perpetual state of lethargy (aka albert).
We're taking donations for the cause. Help us find Albert a cure.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Last Karaoke 2005

Courtney, Rachel and I spent the last Thursday of 2005, exactly where we ought to be: West Dundee's very own CobbleStone. We sang our hearts out and had a great time.
The three of us to meet again, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for total
body work outs at X-Sport Gym.

It's amazing, looking back at when I first met all of these wonderful people. That first Thursday when the comfort of Cobble Stone's Karaoke regulars brought a sincere feeling of belonging and bore gifts of freindship that I would never trade. Here's to next year's Karaoke adventures, songs and good times.
I love you all. Yes, even you weird, shouldn't be singing types.....
(note: none pictured here)
Ed and Courtney are that one couple that everyone can look up to-they pride themselves on the imperfections, because they are always able to work through them, and Love always prevails over all. Even X-box 360. If it were'nt for CobbleStone, I never would have had the pleasure of meeting and becoming such great friends with such a wonderful pair. I'm truly greatful.

Rachel is back from Florida for good now. She's staying at Courtney's, I'm so glad she's back. The three of us a scheduled for a self booty kicking at the gym tonight- and I'm looking forward to it.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Oh What A Night!

New Years Eve, 2005. Preperation began-

Apparently I clean up nicely. This is me, just before I left for the Grotto (Downtown Chicago) on New Years Eve. My escort for the evening, the handsomly stunning Josh, pulled up at 8:30 and we made our way downtown for an incredible evening.

We arrived at the Grotto (State and Division) and started our evening off with white wine as we began the meet and greet. We had the VIP section, velvet rope and all, for a guest list of 95 people. RSVP only.

It was an evening of beautiful people, laughter, drinking and dancing. Not a soul was in poor spirits, it was a great way to ring in the New Year. I embraced 2006, with a picture perfect kiss and a colorful memories to last throughout the new year.

All us ladies kept ourselves occupied by stiring up the dance floor scene. We made sure to shake things up-in every sense of the word.

After the Grotto, Josh and I, (in record time) made our way back to Palatine. Durty Nellies our next destination point. Josh's good friend Jim, the lead singer of Modern Day Romeos (who headlined Nelly's New Years Eve Party) lit up our evening with a special encore.

We then made our way to a Hotel Party...... this is where things got interesting...... I'll explain.

Josh, being the stand up guy he is, interveined when a thug was chasing after a girl and pushed her. The end reslut being a punch in the face, to which Josh did not raise his hand. The cops came to ease the situation, but by that time, thug and his gang of idiots were long gone. We chilled at the hotel for a while- good times were had.

I can honestly say that this New Years, was by far, the best I had ever had. Thanks to Josh, Filo, all my girls and the Modern Day Romeo's and groupies for ringing in the New Year in the best of spirits.

Happy New Year Everyone! Here's to 2006!

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Christmas is coming, as I previously posted.
I must obtain tree.
I had a tree, infact it was still up Jan 20th, when my apartment burnt down. There were even still gifts underneath.
So this tree... new tree... cannot be real. Too much drama, pine needles and all. Pre-lit is probably the way to go......I wonder, as to whether they offer fire-proof models...?
I've decided that this has to be the best tree ever. Unique, and beautifully dressed. A personification of its owner..... perhaps.
Passing by the Victoris Secret window, I saw a pale powder pink tree, with fucia lights- "hmm", I thought, as I stood infront of the large window ........ no..... I couldn't do that to poor Brian. He might launch it off the balcony. I don't need a personification of me launched off the balcony.
I stumbled upon the upside down Christmas Tree- yep, I blame Bush (HA!) What ever is the world coming to? Do we really try and come up with stupid-er ideas every year? Isn't the point to have a huge base of your tree...... so Santa will have to bring lots of presents to fill it up?
I really feel like I have to make this Christmas the best and most memorable, probably has a lot to do with how much of me wants to forget last year.
When I find her..... you can bet I'll post a pic.
Until then-sleep sounds nice.

BTW. I have my car back. Just until the second wave of parts come in.......Oh Saabbi, how I've missed you. It's been quite dificult to even attempt to warm up my voice while sitting in the passanger seat of Brian's car.... while he drives me in..... almost half asleep. :)

PS- I was joking about the damn pink tree. Shock value..... thats all..... I am not one of those..... honest. As for the upside down tree- Santa, sure as hell, isn't getting off that easy.

Friday, November 25, 2005


I am convinced that we've become hollowed out shells of the people we were meant to become.
We live our lives in this "lather, rinse, repeat" format completely void of emotional contact with our fellow man. Rather than walking along side one another, we pass eachother by, and rather than kind words, harsh expressions are exchanged.
It's horribly sad. At least it makes me sad. I think about all of the people I did not know, and will not know, and want to know. That is lonliness-the kind we create.
I'm convinced that we will grow old, but that wisdom will only come of regret in our lives. I'm sorrry for all those people I lost and left behind, and the lesson has been learned-but I could have learned so much more. It's sad.

I've been carless this week. An entire week. Brian's been great enough to drive me to work and home (since our desks are about 100 feet apart) and I just wasted away in the apartment on my day off. I felt so confined, it was rather depressing.
Kristin, "Red" a girl I work with asked about my car today, she said
"Listen, if you need a ride anywhere, let me know. I'll come get you."
I smiled at her and shook my head, "You know I wouldn't ask-but thank you anyway."
"Seriously" she sternly said, "I know you've done it for other people, I know you would do it for me. Please give me the opportunity to do it for you."
In the moment- it was just kind words. Upon reviewing, I realized, that I had fallen away from that person, who would do anything for anyone who needed to be helped. Kristin gets to be my angel of the week-reminding me not to lose touch, and offering heself. Thanks, hun.
I don't want to become the hollowed out shell, of the person I was, or am supposed to be. I want to extend past peoples noses and into their hearts and allow them into mine. I don't want to let people pass me by, nor do I want to be passed by. I may just be one person, but I was convinced hope was lost, until just one person, reminded me it's still there.